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Have you registered your domain name, e.g. If not perhaps you should consider doing so before it is registered by another company. Since a domain name is unique, companies will often register a domain name long before they intend to use it in order to protect that name from being registered by other companies.

Use our search facility below to find an available domain name

• - $150 for 2 year registration
• .com, .net, .org - $55 a year


Email Forwarding (Aliases)
• up to 10 email aliases - $75 once off setup fee

If you do not wish to host your domain yet, you can still have email addresses that match your domain name such as:, the emails will then be forwarded to your current ISP email address, it will always remain the same even if you change your ISP.  If your company has more than one email account then we can forward up to 10 email addresses. Please contact us for pricing if you have more than 10 email addresses that you would like us to forward.

Domain Name Redirect and Email Forwarding (Aliases)
• domain name redirection plus up to 10 email aliases - $105 once off setup

For a one time cost of $105 we can forward your emails as described above plus we will point your domain name to an URL of your choice. You may want to do this if you have a website on the internet somewhere.

*10% GST applicable for Australian Customers


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